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Sunset on the Malecon: The Independent Traveler's Guide to Staying in El Centro, San Miguel

Veteran travelers to Cozumel already know this secret. Staying in downtown San Miguel is a blast. But for first time visitors this option can be intimidating. This new, in-depth guide offers recommendations and tips to help you hit the ground running with an El Centro based vacation your next trip to the island. discussesTravel agents will tell you about the resorts and all inclusive packages that offer big commissions. But you seldom hear from them about the small places. This article lays out in-town options for every pocketbook You'll also find tips on ...and makes recommendations for good places to stay for an intown vacation. don't realize there's a lot more to Coz than..., ... and..... In fact, choose downtown accommodations on your next visit. You'll save money, eat and drink well and experience Cozumel and Cozumelenos as you never could from a resort. This article explains your options for staying in town and offers tips on how to hit the ground running and get the most bounce for the ounce from your intown stay.

Snorkeling Cozumel

A long and in-depth article over which we sweated for days. We think it's pretty helpful.

How to Be More then "Just Another Tourist"

Advice from locals on how to fit in and maybe even make some friends on your next trip to the island.

Advice for New Divers:

An article by PADI DM and Coz diving vet, Davida Hinton offers inciteful tips for new divers--as well as more experienced ones who have never tried Cozumel drift diving before.

Builder Beware:

Article by noted Cozumel architect, Paco Dias, explains what to watch out for if you decide to purchase land and build on the island.

The Chrysalis Project:

Want to pitch in and offer a helping hand to some great Coz kids? Read how in this story about a small group of American women living in Cozumel who are working hard to make a difference for some of the island's brightest under-privledged children.

Biking in Cozumel

Cozumel is flat, flat flat and, like in Florida, everyone rides bikes. What a great way to explore the city -- and the malecon! Read more in this article.

Yucatecan and Mexican Cooking Glossary:

Brief descriptions and translations for many of the specialty dishes you'll find at restaurants and longerias in Cozumel. Totally simple recipes for salsa and guacamole, too.

Marketing in Cozumel:

A short article describing some of the delicacies available in the island's groceries and produce market plus some tips on how to prepare it for maximum safety.


Hammock Buying Tips:

You can get some great deals on Yucatecan hammocks on Cozumel and the nearby mainland. Here's some tips on how to buy a good one.

The Art of Bargaining

As Carl Franz put it in his must-have travel book, The People's Guide to Mexico to be sucessful and have fun bargaining, we should think of this activity as a "polite discussion of price." Arm yourself with this and other bartering tips before you hop the plane to Cozumel.

A Jewelry Warning

According to Forum poster Diver Dan and his jeweler friend, you should think twice before purchasing that cut ruby or emerald on your next trip out of the country. In Cozumel silver and turquoise may be a safer bet.

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