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Carol McCutch's Cozumel Blog

Carol McCutch is a former web designer who has lived on Cozumel since the Fall of '04. She is also a photographer and water colorist. With her artist's desire to communicate, she started a blog to share a little of her life in Paradise with others.

We think Carol is doing a wonderful job of capturing the island -- both above and below the waterline. And we feel privleged that she has allowed us to feature her words and photographs on this website.

In the coming weeks we will be adding current and past narratives Carol has written along with the wonderful photos she's taken to accompany them. The blogs may also be viewed on Carol's Home Page.

LEFT, Tired little carnival dancer adjusting her costume from Carol McCutch's Carnival Blog.

Current & Archived Cozumel Blogs
Carol in cozumel
Carol Herself, looking a heck of a lot more tanned than when she lived in Barry County, Michigan
Early Decemeber '08 --Coming Soon!
Early Fall '08 --Coming Soon!
Winter '07-'08 --Coming Soon!
October '07 --Coming Soon!
Cozumel before & after Hurricane Dean --Coming Soon!
Return to Cozumel '07 --Coming Soon!
Hurricane Wilma - October vc ,.20, 21 &22, 2005 --Coming Soon!
Hurricane Emily - July 18, 2005 --Coming Soon!