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Cozumel Cocina Clases

Authentic Mexican Cooking Classes

Cozumel Cooking Teacher

If you long to discover the secret of cooking authentic Mexican food, local chef Josefina Gonzales Luigi opens the door to one of the most magical and misunderstood cuisines in the world.

Join Josefina in her kitchen where she shares her journey of discovery, by recreating regional Yucatecan delights and closely held family recipes from Cordova where she grew up as the protege of her grandfather, a renowned chef and hotelier in this beautiful mountain city.

Cozumel Bean Pot
Immerse yourself in Mexican family tradition with a truly hands-on experience and learn the artistry behind the Cocina Mexicana.
" Thank you Josephina for a truly authentic Mexican feast.  This is the real thing!!!"  Thank you so much
Chef Anita Burrough, New Hampshire

Cozumel Mercado

Josephina's class begin at the local marketplace where participants are taught how to select (and pronounce) the ingredients.Students never fail to have a great time practicing their new Spanish vocabulary with the local vendors.

Rave Reviews on Trip Advisor--96 and counting

"Josephina, Thank you so much for your hospitality.  The food was wonderful and your kindness made it very special.  Good luck in your future endeavors." Take care
Laurie, Chris & Mary from Florida


Back in the kitchen the fun continues as Josefina guides her students through the varied steps in preparing the ingredients -- everything from roasting and peeling poblano chiles

to using a molcajete to make special Poc Chuc and other garnishes.

And don't forget her famous margaritas made from an old family recipe!

Cozumel Margarita
Cozumel Home Made Food

After your introduction to the nuances of Mexican cooking and the satisfying experience of seeing exactly how to prepare your very own specialty dish, it's time to take your place at the family dining table where you can savor the essence and flavor of traditional Mexican cuisine.


"Thank you - this was absolutely wonderful!  Everything tasted fantastic.  So great to be able to try authentic dishes"
Chef Kate Matthews

Cocina con Alma Offers:

Field trip to the local market
Chef demonstrations--ask all the questions you like. Jose is completely bilingual!
Hands-On Learning
Traditional Mexican meal
Flexible class schedule
Special Dietary Requests Taken
Cozumel Nopales

Hello!!  We are from Montana and can't get any Mexican food anywhere!!  Tim is a trained chef and LOVED every minute of this. Josie (and her helper) were great!!  Loved the hospitality, the food, the"secrets". Thanks - and we'll be back for the enchiladas!!
The Yuzeitis Family
Tim, Melissa, Kaitlyn and Lauryn

PS  I thought Tim made the best margaritas before.....Now I know better!

Classes generally start at 11 AM CST and you'll be finished around 2 PM. Josefina's home is located in El Centro, the oldest neighborhood in San Miguel. Very safe, easy parking. A five block walk from the passenger ferry pier and a short cab ride from any of the cruiseship piers.Snack on the oxcaca cheese, guamole and black bean dip you helped create and sip a margarita while you learn more sides and entrees in an authentic Yucatecan home setting
Cozumel Kitchen.
Cozumel Dessert
Attending a cooking class seemed like a perfect activity for the 2009 Women Over 40 annual trip. We found the link to Josefina's cooking class while looking for things to do while on Cozumel. Seems Josefina is Cozumel's best kept secret. She is a great teacher and a lot of fun. A great way to experience the culture and have a blast at the same time! We are going back to Mexico in June and plan to attend again. Look out Josefina - here we come. Pam & Mary , Austin TX.

Each Class covers basics like tortilla making, red and green sauces and such traditional staples as guacamole, quesadillas, ensalada de nopales, margaritas and more.

Cozumel Class Taking Notes

You will have the opportunity to choose an entree you'd like to learn in addition to all the filling and delicious basics she teaches. Some suggestions are listed below or you may just want to wing it talking with Josefina on the way to the market at the start of the class.

It should be noted that Josefina uses bottled water in all her cooking and food prep and ice is also made with good, safe water.

I just wanted to tell you Josefina's class was awesome!!! We loved it!! She was very warm and friendly and very knowledgeable, as I'm sure you know. We loved the trip to the market and the other shops along the way including a tortilla factory, a small shop to get Mexican chocolate and another one specializing in beer. Being an experienced cook, I was glad to use new ingredients and different methods of cooking. Hey, now there's a good quote for your website!

Andra Sager (Pictured Right, Birthday Boy, Carl Sager enjoying his class.

Cozumel mocajete In addition to The Basics, you may choose an entree from the list below to include. And if you don't see something specific that interests you or have special dietary requirements, simply EMAIL Us and we'll talk about it.
Tikin Xic - Red snapper or grouper seasoned with achiote, sour orange juice and other spices then grilled.
cozumel calabitas rellanas Calabitas Rellenas - zuchinni stuffed with a delicious ground meat or cheese mixture.
Cozumel conchinita Conchinita Pibil - Pork roast cooked in a Mayan achiote sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and slowly steamed to tender perfection. One of the Yucatan's most famous dishes. It can be bought most Sunday mornings around San Miguel from little backyard stands.
Cozumel Ceviche Ceviche Caribeno de Pescado o Camarones - fresh fish or shrimp marinated in lime juice with onions, cilantro, tomatoes and peppers.

"I recently took the Mexican cooking class with Josefina -- truly amazing! We learned to prepare an amazing Mexican meal and then eat it. We definitely had the best dinner of any cruise ship passenger that night!

Christine Hardenerger, MagiMousePlans.Com

Pollo Pibil - Chicken prepared in pibil sauce, and wrapped in tender banana leaves.
Chiles en Nogada - Poblano chiles stuffed with pork and fruit, topped with a cheesy white sauce and garnished with pomegrante seeds. (Due to the cost of ingredients, this dish adds $5/person to class costs.)
Chiles Rellenos - Poblano chiles roasted and filled with cheese, dipped in homemade batter and fried to a golden brown. Served smothered in a delicate tomato and cream sauce.
Mole Poblano -- Chicken topped with a rich, traditional sauce of mild chili, cholate, peanuts and spices. Every great cook has their own mole and once you've tasted a guarded, home made recipe like Josephina' you'll never be satisfied with the canned stuff served in many restaurants again!
Birria -- Lamb soup garnished with cilantro, onion, tomato and chips.
Josephina, Thank you for your warm Mexican hospitality and fabulous food!!
Carol Dunlan
Auburn, Alabama
Churros -- a great dessert delicacy of Mexico made in the old style -- fried in butter and dipped in powdered sugar and a wonderful home-made chocolate sauce. Josefina serves it with ice cream sometimes as well. A real treat for sweet tooths!
Poc Chuc -- Delicious pork marinated in a Mayan red sauce with achiote and then grilled, one of the Yucatan's most popular loncheria dishes.
Pescado Envuelto -- Fresh fish filets steamed inside a parchment enveloe with a special sauce and vegetables. An especially healthy Yucatecan dish that's also extremely tasty!
We had a great time at the cooking class! The hospitality was super, the food was amazing and the trip to the market let us see part of Cozumel we would never have found on our own.

Kim and Dick Smith, Manhattan, Kansas

Fiesta de las Salsas -- 6 different types of raw and cooked sauces that can be used in many ways. Most use dry and fresh chiles as a major ingredient
Queso Relleno -- Another Yucatecan specialty which developed because of the early availability of Gouda cheese straight from Holland. This delicious dish is made from a small gouda cheese stuffed with spiced ground pork. (Due to the cost of ingredients this dish adds $5/person to the class fee.)
Thank you so much for your assistance in booking our class with Josefina. We all had a wonderful time! It was amazing to see the culture and tradition she incorporates into her class. I especially loved the market tour. Hopefully I can return with a new class next summer!
Dana Johnson, Baking & Pastry Instructor, Manatee Technical Institute

Bradenton, FL
Canasta de antojitos Mexicanos -- Your choice of two 'finger food' snacks: enchiladas, chilquiles, salbutes, panuchos, empanadas, sopes, chalupas or huaraches.
Pollo Adobado -- Chicken with a traditional sauce made of ground chiles, herbs and lime.
Cozumel Tamal de Cazuela Tamal de Cazuela -- Your choice of beef, chicken or pork tamale filling layered with masa dough and baked until hot and golden brown. This Tamale cassarole uses all the same ingredients and techniques you need for making tamales except for the final steaming, a task too time consuming to include in this class.

What a wonderful experience! Everything was truly delicious!!

Barbara Morris, Orlando Florida

Pescado Veracruzano -- delightful baked fish dish of a special tomato and green olives based sauce baked in banana leaves. Another unusual and divine Yucatecan treat.
Albondigas en chipotle--succulent meatballs stewed in a smoky semi-hot chipotle pepper sauce.
Cozumel Cooking Sopa de Lima Sopa de Lima -- Old fashioned chicken soup with the Yucatecan tang of lime, cinnamon and allspice. And don't forget the garnishes! A wonderful health and yummy meal.
Pollo Pibil - Chicken prepared in a pibil sauce and wrapped in tender banana leaves before baking

CLASS FEES (cost of ingredients included)

Adults: $80.00 per person

Teens: (13-17): $70.00 per person

Children (6-12): $30 per child

Children under 6: Free

Private one-on-one classes (available early evenings and/or May through November): $120


Please email for more information.

Centrally Located a short cab ride from all piers and 5 blocks from the passenger ferry to Playa del Carmen.