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Discover Scuba Cozumel

Are you dying to try out scuba diving but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you're the adventurous type. but you aren't sure if you'll like it enough to make a commitment to getting fully certified?


If either of these scenarios describes you, you're a perfect candidate for Discover Scuba on your next trip to Cozumel. This special Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) course is the best way we know to test the waters of scuba diving. It's an enjoyable -- and very affordable--way to finally put your scuba dreams into action


Discover Scuba (formerly known as the "Resort Course") involves about 1 hour of "classroom" work which is usually done at the water's edge. Then there's 30 to 40 minutes practicing the basic techniques. Finally, during the last hour, you'll swim out for a shore dive with your instructor right by your side.


Dive Instructor Rosi Flury shows a student how to check his regulator and air.



LEFT, American Dive Instructor Mike Beasley often does the "classroom" work in the pool in the backyard of his home located 3 blocks from the ocean.



Your cruise company undoubtedly offers Discover Scuba as a tour option. Because Cozumel has some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the entire world, hands down.

But cruiseship-arranged tours are likely to be more crowded -- not to mention more expensive. You will find the kind of personalized, one on one classes we can help you set up ahead of time to be far more pleasurable. And you'll learn faster -- and better!

The certified instructors we recommend speak perfect English. And they specialize in one on one classes which they will sometimes stretch to up to four people provided all are close friends or family. Cost is usually between $60 and $65 and includes all the equipment you need except your bod and a swim suit.

If you're interested in trying Discover Scuba and would like a recommendation of a great instructor with whom you can email back and forth privately to set things up, E-Mail Us. . You should be aware that at popular times of the year, all the best instructors get booked up a long time in advance. So plan early on this one.

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