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Cozumel Cruises: One Day on the Island -- A Do-It-Yourself Travel Planning Guide for Cozumel Cruise Passengers

You Can Do Better!

Why run with the pack AND pay more for the privledge? We live on the island and can scout out the best of the best tours. You'll save a little money -- and get a lot more personalized experience.

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Shopping as It Should Be: Where to Find the Best Stuff at a Better Price

We're not going to lie to you.

A lot of non-cruiseship tourists who come here sneer at "The Boat People" as they're known on some Cozumel message boards. Here's the stereotype: Cruisers travel in large packs. They never eat in town because they're afraid they'll get sick or their purse will be snatched.

And cruisers only purchase souvenirs, etc. from the shops listed on the hand-outs provided by their ship. Why? Because they believe the spiel the cruise director feeds them about it being "unsafe" to shop anywhere else in town.

That's the stereotype of the typical Cozumel cruise passenger. But it's a profile that obviously doesn't fit you because, here you are, digging deeper, doing the research necessary to plan something interesting and special for your day on the island.

You've probably already figured out that you'll save money and have a higher quality experience if you break away from the herd and go for a day that's tailored just to your group's needs and interests.

This section of the site is to help you do just that. We want you to have fun. But we must confess we have another motive: We want you to fall in love, come again, and next time spend your entire vacation on this beautiful, sweet little island. Because, as you'll discover for yourself if you follow the suggestions offered on these pages, there's a lot more to Cozumel than you can see and do in just one day.

But for your current trip, follow the instincts that brought you to this page and do it yourself! We're Americans living here full-time. And we can assure you that Cozumel is extraordinarily safe and filled with friendly, helpful people.

Whether you decide to explore totally on your own or book one of the intimate, private tours we've personally checked out and highly recommend, we can pretty well promise you that you'll have a grand time during your one day on the island.

And, as we are fond of saying in the south, "Ya'll Come Back Now! Hear?"

Here are some links to get you started planning your precious day on the island.

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