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Things to Do on Cozumel Island

You Can Do Better!

Why run with the pack AND pay more for the privledge? We live on the island and can scout out the best of the best tours. You'll save a little money -- and get a lot more personalized experience.

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There are so many fun things to do on Cozumel island, you simply won't be able to get to them all in a week -- let alone a day.

But if you use the information you'll find on this website wisely and plan ahead, you really can make the most of your day on the island. You'll avoid the crowded and commercialized cruise-line-arranged tours. You'll bypass the teeming, sidewalk shuffle past the "approved" stores and restaurant's on your ship's list. You'll beat the crowds, find the beautiful and interesting spots and experience Cozumel, Mexico-- on your own terms.

Whether you decide to explore totally on your own or book one of the small, intimate tours we've personally checked out and highly recommend, we can pretty well promise you that you'll have a grand time. We can't emphasize enough what a friendly, safe vacation destination this is. That makes it a perfect place to be independent-minded and plan an individualized experience that just right for you and your group.

We've divided the Things to Do Section into two parts: Organized Tours and Activities and Exploring on Your Own. The Organized Activities are ones we (See About Us) have checked out personally and think are very good value for the bucks.

The Exploring on Your Own Section is further divided into two parts: On Your Own Without a Rental Car and On Your Own with a Car.

Iif you don't find the answer you need on these pages, try posting on the One Day on the Island Discussion Forum.

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