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Cozumel Night Life

Photo Courtesy of Don Householder
Like all of Latin-America, Cozumel is a town that lights up late at night when locals, who take siestas during the heat of the day if their schedule allows, come out in the cool of the evening to shop, eat and socialize.

Shops typically stay open and busy until around 9 PM. Restaurants often don't even get really rolling until at least that time. And its not at all unusual to see large groups eating a big restaurant meal at 1 AM in the morning. Or later.

Bars and Dance Clubs also "happen" late with the crowds starting to flood in at 11 PM or later.

Exceptions to this are places that cater heavily to the tourist and cruise ship trade like Carlos and Charles, Fat Tuesdays and Senor Frogs. These places strive hard to create a party atmosphere at all hours of the day and well into the wee hours of the morning and are the closest thing little Cozumel has to the Cancun Scene.. Fun for late teens and twenty-somethings. But may be a little too loud and silly for the tastes many of us who will never see 30 again.

For a quiet drink with people watching, try one of the sidewalk cafes down on the plaza. The Havana Club at Calle 10 and the waterfront has a very chic (and expensive) bar with seating that looks out over the Yucatan Channel. For Pure Class we also like the art deco bar at Ambar's on the south pedestrian-only wing

Want to mingle more with other young locals as they party down late at night? (You'll be perfectly safe.) Then check out places like Viva Mexico on the waterfront at Calle 3.

If you like to dance, make a late night stop (after 11 PM) at Neptunos also on the waterfront at Calle 11 -- across the street from the restaurant Acuario. Another hotspot you'll want to take a cab to, Moby Dick's back on 65 where most Saturday nights have a raucous live music and dance event. You'll be the only gringos there But, again, you'll be safe and treated courteously. Especially if you take the time to read How to Be More Than Just Another Tourist.

Not a drinker or a dancer? You can still enjoy the nightlife of the town. It's a great time to stroll the mile long stretch of the downtown waterfront. The sea breezes are great, the lights of the town look lovely from across the avenue. If you do this be sure to also check out the central plaza by the ferry dock. Sunday nights in particular there is often live music, dancing or various events that can range from a beauty contest to a religious pageant. And large numbers of local folks invariably turn out for these.

Another interesting option is to take a guided night tour. We have a really sweet, bi-lingual cab-driver friend who will take you around to all the night-spots so you don't have to drive. Although I haven't asked because it's not my thing, these can include visits to The Green House and the Carribean Queen, two "gentlemen's clubs" that are very popular.

The houses of prostitution are different here than in the US. Business is often conducted here, for example, and men sometimes bring their wives. We have one local friend, a 50-something who hits the Caribbean Queen with his buddies everytime they come to town. They're all happily married. But the thing the place is extremely funny and always have a great time absorbing the atmostphere.