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The Mystic Snorkeling Tour

Cozumel Snorkeler

Experience some of the most serenely beautiful snorkeling in the world in the turquoise waters off Cozumel island.

Let PADI Dive Instructor and 27 year island veteran Rosi Flury guide you to the very best reefs--all only reachable by boat. Each reef is memorable in its own special way with unique formations and bottom composition. If you take your snorkeling seriously -- or if you want your first try at it to turn out as good as you'd hoped, -- this is the trip for you.

Unlike the majority of snorkeling trips offered for Cozumel, the Mystic Snorkeling Tour specializes in visiting the shallower sites (10-25 ft) so that you see the coral formations and sea life clearly and from close up.

110 nearly unanimous rave reviews on Trip Advisor! (We've reprinted a few of the most recent ones on this webpage.)
The Most Enjoyable, Breathtaking Snorkel of My Life

My husband and I went on a 'Mystic Snorkeling Tour' on our honeymoon. We were staying at a resort on Cozumel Island, and the tour picked us up right from the pier there. The ride out to the snorkeling area was a ride in itself! The boat Crew and Dive master that were with us were friendly and knowledgeable. We went on other snorkeling tours near Cozumel, and off shore ourselves, but never saw such beautiful coral reefs as we did on this tour. Amazing sights in a comfortable atmosphere. It was well worth the cost. I really liked that we were served water/juice and fresh fruit, it helped us stay refreshed for the whole trip. We didn't bring a camera along, but others on the trip did. There were excellent chances for great pictures of marine life, but we felt that we'd be distracted by having a camera with. We saw turtles, many fish, and lobsters to name a couple. Sunscreen and a swimsuit are all you need! They can provide snorkel gear, and wet suits (less of you gets burned, keeps you warm)

A highlight of our trip!

Cozumel Cielo
Weather permitting, of course, the first site visited will typically be one with a depth of only 10 feet.

Here is the easiest snorkeling which gives you the chance to get familiar with the use of the equipment and salt water. You'll see here some small coral heads, baby fish and often starfish.(Left, a sandy, starfish studded sky beneath the sea at 'Cielo'.) Below, let's swim down for a closer look!

Cozumel snorkeling star fish

Note: All the photos on this page were taken on actual snorkeling trips during 2011.

Next stop is usually further out in Columbia Shallows to a depth of around 25 feet where you'll find bigger coral heads and fish.

Final stop is Palancar Reef where you will start at 30 feet with views of mountains of coral, a dramatic drop off and even larger fish, before heading in to 25 feet for more beautiful underwater scenery.

You'll stay at each site for at least 35-40 minutes. But, of course, if you are particularly enjoying one spot, flexibility is built in to this carefully planned out trip. ("No 'chop chop, back in the boat'!" says Rosi.)

“Opened up a whole new world for me, even though I have been out several times, before.”
We went out with Rosa (Rosawitha Flury--Mystic Snorkeling Tours) when our cruise stopped in Cozumel. We didn't want to have another "canned expedition" arranged by the cruise line at twice the price, so looked on tripadvisor for snorkeling on Cozumel. Mystic Snorkeling was one of the tours, reviewed, and we were able to contact Rosa by email, make a reservation, and go out snorkeling on 3 different reefs, with plenty of time to spare before we had to be back at the boat. She went into the water with us, and would point out certain unusual things when she found them, and also took pictures with a high quality underwater camera. I never knew there was a sting ray with skin like a leopard, but I saw one on this dive. And we went to the edge of the Palancar Reef where the depth changes from 45' to 4,000' in a sudden drop off. It was spectacular. My wife and I have decided to learn scuba diving, which we always felt was too much trouble, but after seeing the world Rosa pointed out, there is no more question. Our group was really small, just my wife and I, another couple, Rosa, and a single person, so it was an intimate experience. The best underwater experience of my life!!!5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by jhemp42, West Texas, 4/20/2011

Yes, there are less expensive tours out there. But you really get what you pay for. The bargain trips you'll see on the internet are cheaper for several reasons.First of all, the half-price tours do not go to the most prime snorkeling reefs because these are far south and gas prices are expensive.

The second reason Rosi charges more than the cheap ops -- her trip goes to boat-access only reefs.

The Best Snorkeling Money You Will Ever Spend
We had only a day and wanted to see the best. Rafael and Miguel provided that and more. We felt safe and cared for the entire time. One of our party is 70+ and Rafael was her personal guide most of the day. Rafael asked what we wanted to see and that decided the locations we would go. It was easy to get to them with a quick taxi ride. They provided fresh fruit and cold water and the most beautiful sights ever seen.
Reviewed by MaryDArizona , 5/227/2011

The cheap operations will often take you to places close enough to shore that you could save yourself a lot of money by just renting equipment at a local beach club and swimming out 50 feet yourself.

And this trip never goes out with overloaded boats.

“Fantastic service and snorkel!”
4 of 5 stars

I have never written a review but read them often. Rosie's snorkel was very good. We are snorkelers in Australia, BVI, and Hawaii and loved the snorkeling around Cozumel. Rosie took us to the perfect spots in all the right order - we saw fish we had not seen before while snorkeling and she was well- organized. Worth the money - I would trust Rosie and her crew!

For small groups, one boat with sunshade will probably do. For larger groups, she would either find a larger boat just the right size or, if necessary charter two. The cheap ops pack them in. If you like snorkeling in pack of 100 other people who are being told to 'stay with the group', then that's one way to save money. But we don't recommend it.

Whatever your circumstances, you may be sure that Rosi will charter a boat that's just the right size for the group's needs--from just the two of you to much larger parties.

She asks a lot of questions in advance, too so she can personalize your experience. For example, if you report children or other weak or inexperienced swimmer/snorkelers in your group, she'll be ready for you and those individuals will get extra attention.

“Best Part of Our Vacation!”

We booked a cruise for our vacation this summer. When I found we would be staying several hours in Cozumel, I immediately began searching for snorkeling tours. There were so many offerings!! Our final decision was based on the fact that we were willing to pay slightly more for a more intimate and personalized setting... which is why we choose Mystic Tours with Rosa.
It was easy enough to get to the port in a taxi. Rosa and Choco were very friendly and efficient and in a matter of minutes we were on our way. There were ten of us (two families of 5). Our kids ranged from 10-19yo. EVERYONE agreed that this was the best part of our vacation!5 of 5 stars

(She works with a bi-lingual dive instructor with special training in Rescue, for example.)

She provides life jackets and snorkeling equipment are provided if you don't already have your own. And there is always plenty of cold, purified water, soft drinks and freshly-cut fruit available!

You can also count on your crew being made up of an experienced captain who will follow you as you snorkel and enough Dive masters on board to give everyone personal attention as necessary.

In addition, the Dive Masters are specially trained in rescue skills. And there are two rescue floats available if anyone gets tired and needs to rest and take a break. If you are experienced snorkelers, you can just do your thing and everyone will stay out of your way. But if anyone needs a little extra assistance, this trip is set up to handle anything!

Want a special keep sake memory of the trip? Rosi and her crew take photos throughout all their trips. (In fact, all the photos on this page are from past trips!) If you wish, she can send you a CD with 50-70 photos of your trip for $40 US.

That's another reason not to take a 'booze cruise' snorkel with 100 of your closest friends. You won't get photos like these on that type of trip!


My husband and I booked this tour on a cruise that would be in port in Cozumel along with our two children ages 12 and 10. We were also cruising with another family of 4, ages of their children were the same as ours. We are are fairly comfortable in the water so that was not an issue with us. Anyway, we had a wonderful time on this tour. Rosie is very knowledgeable of the island and reefs. She was personable and friendly so it made our tour much more enjoyable, not annoyed by are numerous questions etc. She took us to three different spots so we were in different depths of water but was open to stay anywhere that we wanted but we chose the three different spots. She took pictures which was nice so that we didn't necessarily have to worry about doing so. She also pointed out all sorts of sea life and went down and took pictures of that as well. Can't wait to see the pictures. If you are looking for a great snorkeling experience do not hesitate to contact her.

5 of 5 starsReviewed by Lorraine8419 Coldwater MI, 8/31/ 2011


Trips can be scheduled for morning or afternoon -- the light is equally good both times.

Morning trips leave the pier at 8:30 AM and return at 12:30 PM

Afternoon trips leave the pier at 1:00 PM and return at 4:30 PM.

The meet-up is at the marina, a 5-15 minute taxi ride away. Taxis are everywhere on Cozumel and fares to 'La Caleta' are clearly posted inside the cab. Very easy trip.

Rosi has taken out countless cruiseship passengers and is very good at being sure you get back to your ship with plenty of time to spare.

Please try to schedule a trip as early as possible. Even 5 years later, there are many fewers boats thanks to Hurricane Wilma

“Best snorkeling trip ever!”

I would highly recommend booking a snorkeling trip with Rosi! She was very knowledgeable about the area and took us to 3 terrific snorkeling sites of varying depths - approximately 10-15 feet, 15-25 feet, and 30+ feet. Unlike the tour offered on our cruise ship, the Mystic tour took us to un-crowded sites which gave us more freedom to look around. 

Mystic provided fins, masks, and snorkels. They also provide life jackets for everyone on the tour, but wearing the jacket is optional. Mystic (Rosi) also provided juice and water along with fresh fruit. All you really need to bring is towels, sunscreen, and a water camera if you want to take photos. Our trip lasted approximately 4 hours which included the boat ride to and from the marina and the swim time at the 3 locations.

Rosi is so fun and personable that the trip felt more like a fun day with friends than a tour. Rosi's companions/staff are friendly and her dive partner was very knowledgeable about each of the sites we went to. Not only that, but Rosi is flexible and didn't make us feel rushed. Our group felt very safe with Rosi. She and her snorkeling/dive companion swam with safety floats in case anyone tired. Her boat stays nearby and follows the group so it is available for anyone who gets tired or is just ready to get out of the water. The youngest in our group was 11 and the oldest was 71 and everyone did well and was perfectly capable of the trip

5 of 5 starsReviewed by Chelle98 Tulsa, OK,7/19/ 2011


Public Tours --Minimum of 4 people for a trip. If there are less than this in your party, Rosi will waitlist you and try to coordinate your date with other people that come along. But don't worry about going on a crowded boat. If more people show up than she feels a boat can comfortably handle, she'll simply charter a larger craft that will hold up to 12 snorkelers. Of course, with larger groups, more dive masters will be on hand and at your service.

$67/person, minimum 4 people.

Private trips for just your group are also available. Email for pricing information.

Photo services -- Photos are always taken of the trips so you don't have to worry about doing that yourself. CDs with 50-70 photos can be sent to you for $40 US

For more information or to book a trip Email Rosi Flury Now!

cozumel jellyfish

Came Back for Seconds Because It Was So Great!

We returned a second year to snorkel with Rosie. We reserved many weeks in advance. The trip was again was really great. We took our two sons and daughter-in-law. They took us to three sites:
The garden- shallow reef site with very great visibility. Saw a moray eel, lobster, and many starfish as well as the myriad of fish on the crystal clear reef.
Second stop was Columbian Shallow - the visibility remained great, surface calm. The tempo of this first snorkel really suits everyone getting used to snorkeling and feeling comfortable again. On this second snorkel where the bottom was 25-30 feet and the reef tops were down 10-15 feet--this was a

remarkable snorkel, we saw a tiger grouper as well as French Angels. We snorkeled here for almost an hour. Our young snorkelers started to tire by the 3rd stop was Palancar where we saw a great barracuda and an abundance of fish. Perfect tempo- we had 4 snorkelers from our party and 2 others from an all inclusive resort nearby.We took the ferry from Playa del Carmen at 0800 and returned by 5pm.