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Is a Cozumel Vacation Rental Right for You?


You've read all this stuff about Cozumel and now you're dying to check it out for yourself, right? The next question is Where to Stay. If you haven't already done so check out our Lodging Overview Section which explains the various parts of the islands and the types of accommodations that are available.


Bougainvillea tumbles over the high, typically Mexican privacy wall that surrounds one of several very conveniently located downtown rental homes. Email Us for more Info


Your choices are: All inclusive resort, hotel non-all-inclusive, condos, B & B's or private villa rentals.

Personally, we're not big fans of all-inclusive resorts on Cozumel. Why? Because, unlike some parts of Mexico and the caribbean, you don't need to hide out from 'de pore folks'. This is an exceptionally safe, friendly island. But you will never find this out for yourself if you let your travel agent talk you into an AI vacation without considering your other options first.


Our recommendation for lodging in Cozumel would be a nice non-all-inclusive hotel, B & B or apartment for singles and couples. For groups, you can enjoy great value renting a condo or villa. . Before we moved to Paradise here on Cozumel we were always villa rental people ourselves . (In fact, renting villas in town here on the island was what hooked us on moving here. Read More About Us.)

Now we try to get the word around about how safe, pleasant and economical it is to rent a villa here on the island. And we help people find the vacation home that's Just Right for their needs.

Of course, villa rentals aren't for everyone. Here's a checklist to help you decide if a Cozumel Vacation Home is right for you.

Are You Traveling with Family or a Group?

With just you or you and a significant other, you can get by just fine with a hotel room. Start adding on more people, however and you'll find you love the space to spread out instead of sharing crammed quarters. A livingroom is wonderful for gathering. And although you may not use the kitchen much, you'll find it very convenient indeed for occasional breakfast, for pick me up snacks or if you have kids with special food needs or preferences.

Is Price a High Priority?

Do the math. the nicest villas and condos rent for between $175 and $700/night depending on location. Now divide that by 2, 3, 4 or more bedrooms with private bath, maid service, pool and lots of other amenties and you've got a deal that beats hotels with similar locations hands down.

Because, remember, in addition to the bedrooms/baths, you are also getting a big, comfy livingroom and a fully-equipped kitchen. Villa rental almost invariably come with gardens high, privacy walls, private pools and daily maid service as well. And it's all for you alone. No getting up early to snag a good spot at your pool's all-inclusive.

And while we're on the subject of all-inclusives, let us say this. If you find a "package you can't refuse", price-wise, of course, go for it -- especially if you're on a tight budget. However, before you make that leap, we would suggest that you use the internet to price your other options first.

Check air only fares from charter companies and major airlines, then check prices on condos or hotels if there's just one or two of you or vacation rentals if there's four or more in your group.

Add in the cost of a vehicle -- $25-$60/day depending on the size of vehicle and the time of year you rent because unless you plan on being a complete beach potato for your entire stay, you're going to want to get out and about and all the all inclusives are waaaay out of town.

Once again, Do the math on that and you may find that the all inclusive package your travel agent is recommending isn't actually as good as it sounded at first. Especially when you consider what you will typically get at all but the most expensive AI's which is: Loud speaker music and megaphone "animators" calling you to play pool volleyball, waiting in line for watered down drinks, mediocre food except at the very top of the pyramid in which case you're paying more. And now we'll stop beating that drum.

Do You Value Your Privacy?

Some people enjoy the people-watching aspects of hanging out with a crowd. Others like a lot of privacy. If you're coming with a group of good f riends or family, you'll appreciate the quiet, peacefulness of having a gathering space Just for You.

And when you want to go out and mingle with the hoi polloi, there are countless opportunities to do just that outside the walls of your private space. If you're looking for a way to spend really special quality time with friends and loved ones, this is definitely the way to go.

Do You Value Having a Choice about whether to eat out or simply whip up something easy 'at home'?

We know. You're on vacation and you don't even want to think about cooking.

Fortunately on Cozumel you don't ever have to cook as there are so many good restaurants from which to choose and so many options for purchasing "food on the go."

However, seasoned travellers know that after a few days of restaurant fare, it can be very relaxing indeed to settle in for a simple meal of leftovers, take out or sandwiches in the privacy of your own home away from home.. It's also great to be able to get up early and make yourself a cup of coffee to go with that sweet roll you bought at the bakery last night and the bunch of bananas you found at the market.

Having a kitchen facility is a great reason to choose a vacation rental. And this is particularly true on Cozumel where there are several large, very well stocked Food Markets where you can buy a wide variety of fresh produce, good bakery items, cheese and cold cuts and much more.

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