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Cozumel with the Kids, Part 2

Exploring the Jungle

Cozumel island is still more than 96% wild, untamed jungle and there are several local outfits on the island that specialize in tours into the island's interior.

Cozumel Cotamundi

At Punta Sur National Park you can watch the crocs fed and observe the antics of a wild pig and playful coati mundis from close up. There's also a great lighthouse to climb with a stunner of a view at the top.


Here you can view bat caves, swim in cenotes (natural ponds formed in the limestone) and view lots of wildlife from the ubiquitous iguana to white owls to coatis, armadillos, foxes, and crocodiles. You can even catch a Mayan ruin or two while you're at it.

Cozumel Iguana

If you want to get a taste of the jungle on your own, stroll the San Gervasio ruins.They aren't grand like many on the mainland. But they're worth a trip just for a chance to see the jungle areas as they must have been back when Mayan women from all over the Yucatan made the pilgrimage to Cozumel to present fertility gifts to the gods.

San Gervasio

If you don't have young kids who get tired walking more than a block or two, be sure to catch the ruin that's a couple blocks down the road to your right from the central ruins area. Most people never make it out there and it's the prettiest one.

Your family is also sure to enjoy an excursion through Chankanaab Park's lovely botanical gardens with over 700 tropical plant species and many opportunities for close looks at some pretty enormous (and proud) iguanas

Cozumel Kids at Chankannab

Lovely lagoon and gardens at Chankannab National Park

There are jungle and beach horse-back riding tours available. The beach riding will be a very short trip. The jungle tours are better but avoid May through October when the jungle will be pretty sticky and with plenty of bugs.
Rancho Universo Cozumel

Our favorite recommendation for interacting with horses, however, is the wonderful Cozumel Horse Sanctuary, Rancho Universo Cozumel. Here rescued and abused horses are rehabilitated and used for Horse Assisted Therapy for disabled children and adults. There are also volunteer opportunities here and private classes in horsemanship, horse care etc. are also available on request.

What to Bring for Jungle Exploration:

Bug repellant, sports sandals (Tevas or equivalent), tennis shoes (, long pants (if you plan to ride), sun screen, a hat with a nice big brim that ties securely under the chin.