Kim's Trip from Cozumel to Chichen Itza

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Kim's Excellent Adventure




Wisconsinite Kim Gilbertson is a veteran traveller to Cozumel and the Yucatan.She's been kind enough to share one of her favorite trips with readers of this site: Cozumel to Chitzen Itza with cenote stops along the way and even a rec. on where to stay.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'M sure planning to follow her suggestions to the letter the first chance I get! At the end of her report, you'll also find a link to a printable version of the map Kim personally marked and sent along to us.

Thanks, Girlfriend!

Now......Here's Kim:

"This is one of my favorite trips...I have made it quite a few times.this is the best boyfriend & girlfriend romance trip out there! Trust me. I suggest renting a car in playa. Buses are fun and even the first class is cheap, but you lose freedom, and it will cause you great pain to see all the little places you want to stop but can't because you are on the bus.

It's easy to rent a car in Playa. When you get off the ferry from Cozumel, head right up the hill. There are 2 rental companies in front of your nose, I have had good luck with both.

Ahead of time, however, I suggest calling or emailing in advance to Hotel Dolores Alba and making a reservation.

I love this place, inexpensive -- around $35 a night. They're also terrific at responding. The rooms are cozy and decorated nicely. Each room has its own front door, more of a motel style. They have 2 pools, and one has a very unique cenote like bottom.

The managers will drive you to the sound and light show if you is just neat! Food is good too! I like the night watchman, a nice guy from the nearby town of xcalacoop (this is fun to say "ish-kala-coop") His nickname is Pato, looks like a sumo wrestler and sweet as they come!

If you want to lase around the pool ask any of the guys at the restaurant...they will bring you drinks, snacks etc...just beware, they do not take credit cards and there is no bank in Piste anymore (however there are ATM's all over...progress I guess!)

So, please get up early, take the ferry to Playa, rent that car. Be brave! It is soooooo much fun. Go to the Hotel Dolores Alba drop off your bags, take a dip in one of their pools...then just before night falls head to the ruins of Chichen Itza, go in and see the sound and light show "fantastic" and informative (and romantic). Then go into the town of Piste and have a late night bite to eat!

In the morning head to Chichen, get an early start and beat the bus loads of tourists. (Bring an umbrella each, it is great in the hot sun, and you will be the envy of all). When it heats up at the ruins, and you get tired of all the tourists...head back to the hotel, change into swimsuits and walk over to the Cenote 'Ik kil (don't forget to buy your discounted ticket from the hotel!) and take a dip!

On the way home stop at 2 of my favorite cenotes near Valladolid (pronounced "bye-AH-doe-leed")they are cenotes Dzitnup & Samula. Bring your swim suit and get in you will be able to brag to all your friends back home that you swam in a cenote! (pronounced "sen-OH-tay")

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this trek, it is adventure and romance at its best! Have fun! Kim

Click Here for a Printable Map to take on this adventure!