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Feature Articles About Life on Cozumel and Mexican Culture

Cozumel Mom and Pop Businesses


Building on Cozumel

Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo

Day of the Dead (Coming Soon)

Festival de Guadalupe Dec 12

Live on the island full or part-time and want to try your hand at writing about some aspect of island life?

Well, now's your chance to reach a small but, ahem, highly discriminating audience.

E-Mail Us if you want to kick around an idea. You can write it yourself. Or if you're not in the mood for All That Work but you have a person you'd like to see interviewed, a business success story, an article about local culture, funny essay about island life etc. etc. , we'll work with you to get the story out there.

We are also accepting submissions and idea queries if you wish to write a story for the tourist market. This is a great way to promote your business online. But the article must be more than simply an informercial. Good information must be included and you may plug your business in your biography at the end.


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