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Taxi Tip

Many taxi drivers receive commissions for steering you to specific restaurants and will even tell you the restaurant you want to go to is closed or bad if they'd rather take you somewhere else.

This website is updated frequently and we have personally tried all the places we recommend. We suggest you print out these restaurant pages and take them with you so you have the specific addresses and hours handy when you need them.

Cozumel Restaurants

Cozumel has so many good restaurants that you'll have to be truly dedicated to try them all out in ten days of feasting. Here are our 2010 Rec.s for Good Places to Eat on Cozumel.

Every place recommended on these pages has been personally tried by us. We accept no kick-backs or advertising. We simply hope these listings will help drum up much deserved customers for these worthy establishments

Foodies ourselves , we do admit to one selfish motive. : We live on the island full-time and we want the good places to stay open so we can continue to enjoy them!.Left, the front of Especias (Spices) owned and managed by a fourth generation Cozumeleno, a charming young man named Adrian Angulo. This is a must stop on any trip!

Cozumel Restaurant Especias

The recommendations are divided into 4 categories: Expensive, Moderately Expensive, Moderate and Cheap Eats If we've left out a place you love or if you hate one we've talked about Let Us Know, would you?

Expensive ($25 + per person for a full-course dinner not including drinks or dessert)


A favorite with locals, Kinta's offers interesting twists on local Yucatecan cuisine plus lots of varieties of seafood. Try a fish fillet in one of their innovative sauces. This is also a small place but it has a lovely backyard garden. Everything on the menu here is worth trying so you will probably want to go back more than once.

This place has recently caught on with tourists and locals so reservations are suggested or else go early -- between 6 PM and 7 PM -- at busy times of the year. Located on Avenida 5 between Calle 2 and Calle 4 -- so 1/2 block north of the pedestrian only plaza.

New kid on the block, Danube is thrilling foreigners who live on the island full time with a deliciouly prepared menu with a distinctly European flair. Only place on the island for dishes like weiner schnitzle, falafel, coq au vin and the like plus an excellent selection of seafood dishes. 2 Culinary Inst of America chefs are having fun in the kitchen. And we're enjoying things out front. Nice terrace or eat in the AC. Elevator. Located directly across the road from the Puerta Maya cruiseship pier. 4 story red and white building called "i95". Restaurant at the top.



La Cocay

Like all the restaurants recommended in our high-end gourmet section, La Cocay sports a dedicated and innovative chef who offers a changing menu of specials. This is a fairly large place with an air conditioned indoor area for summer months and a big garden out back for cooler weather. Nice ambiance both inside and out and excellent food and presentation.

. Located on Calle 8 between Avenida 10 and Avenida 15. La Cocay means The Firefly, by the way.


Located on the waterfront north of the ferry pier between Calle 4 and Calle 6. Entry can be a little hard to find but once inside there's a large, pretty outdoor dining area.

Good pastas and pizzas and fresh, well prepared seafood are the specialties here. Swiss/Mexican owner and head chef, Yvonne, runs a tight ship.

Lovely outdoor eating area covered with colorful bougainvillea.

Buccanos Grill and Beach Grill

This is a beautiful, open-air restaurant right on the water in the northern hotel zone. It's housed in one of the original waterfront mansions that takes full advantage of the tropical weather and vistas. We haven't had a chance to try the cuisine yet which is typical Yucatecan fare but with a gourmet twist. But it really is a gorgeous place and one where you could combine lunch with a snorkel and swim as well. We'd appreciate feedback on this place from anyone tho tries it.

Located north of town at Club Cozumel Caribe. 9 AM - 5 M-Sat, Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM.

La Veranda

Located on Calle 4 between Avenida 5 and Avenida 10 -- two blocks in from the waterfront. Although the seafood we had here on our (admittedly only one) visit was not 5 star gourmet, who cares?

Because this has got to be one of THE most lovely and romantic settings to eat on the island--particularly at night when the garden, fountain and gazebo are lit up. Lovely backyard garden makes for a romantic setting for this tourist favorite. An excellent choice for a Very Special dinner -- like the night you pop the question

Le Chef

Great downtown location on the corner of Calle 5 and Avenida 5 with indoor and outdoor seating, this small, inviting featuring mostly pasta and seafood dishes. Very good salads as well and a particularly good wine list.. For info about the wine they serve here, check out this Cozumel Wine Article.

Excellent people watching from the outside tables.


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