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Cozumel Restaurants, Part 2

Moderately Expensive $18 and over not including drinks


This upstairs seafood restaurant on the north end of downtown near Airport Blvd (between 10 and 12 on Calle 20) has great, fresh seafood. Their bacon-wrapped shrimp is yummy as is their baked fish stuffed with shellfish and their sopa de maricosas (fish stew) is also good. And some locals say they have the best ceviche on the island.

Quite popular with locals but hasn't yet gotten much publicity on the various tourist websites. Open for lunch only but a good lunch it will be. Closes around 7 PM.

Be aware there is a very steep staircase up to the restaurant entrance and the step down is uneven. Don't take your 80 year old maiden aunt to this place.

Cozumel Restaurant: Albinos
Panchos Backyard
cozumel restaurant Panchos

This is a charming space at the back of the wonderful store Cinco Soles. Gracious dining in a garden/terrace atmosphere that is beautifully decorated to accent the historic nature of the structure. Fountains, plants, the works.

Food is typically Mexican and you can get the same thing less expensively at other places in town. But we recommend it for the ambiance. It's also good for people-watching. But if you don't want to eat with the cruiseship crowd with which this place is justifiably popular, skip lunch and head there for dinner when cruisers are typically loading back on their ships for departure.

The Money Bar  

This restaurant/bar used to be called Dzul Ha Beach Club and it was a funky, kind of run-down but always charming place to grab a medium-priced beach lunch with beer while taking advantage of the superior snorkeling right out front.

A few years ago the land was leased by an American (you can't own beaches in Mexico -- only rent space on them from the federal government). He's turned it into an upscale and very attractive place where you can also have lunch and snorkel -- but you'll pay more for the privilege now, of course, since he sunk so much money into the upgrades. Food is standard Mexican fare but we include it here because its a very pleasant place to spend some time and the food is fine. Also a good snorkeling spot.

Cozumel Restaurant: The Money Bar
Sonora Grill  

This charmingly decorated restaurant sits perched on the second story over looking Juarez at the corner of Avenida 15, 3 blocks in from the waterfront. Good, basic Mexican cuisine with a very attentive staff. This is a super place for eating well while you people-watch down onto one of San Miguel's busier shopping strips from your second story balcony table.

Food is traditional Mexican with more of a northern Mexican style. Pretty much the same fare as at many other places on the island but the atmosphere and city view set it apart Open for breakfast lunch and dinner.. Right a decorated well in the middle of the restaurant that was actually a part of the originally structure as a functioning water source.