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Cozumel Restaurants, Part 3

Moderately Priced ($8-$15/person for a main dish, drinks and appetizer or dessert)
This is a very cute place with good, moderately-priced food. Lovely live guitar music Thursday through Saturday makes for a romantic atmosphere and at a price that won't break your bank. One of many reasons to stop in at Especias at least once on your trip is that you're almost sure to run across the owner, Adrian Angulo (pictured right.) Adrian comes from an old Cozumeleno family and has the natural friendliness and charm of that gracious heritage. Open for dinner from 6 PM every night but Sunday. Located on Calle 3 Between Avenida 5 and Avenida 10 -- 1.5 blocks back from the waterfront in the center of downtown San Miguel.
Cozumel Adrian
Rock N' Java  

This clean, pretty and well-run cafe is another virtable institution on the island by this time. American owner, Cathy, sails a tight ship. Food is consistently good with some of the best deserts on the island. Large, strong drinks. Although this restaurant also serves Mexican fare, a lot of local expats hit here regularly when they just have to have a burger and fries or fried chicken fingers cooked the way they like them.

This is a good place to trade in your paperbacks for new ones with the proceeds going to help the Cozumel Humane Society. Located on the waterfront 2 blocks north of the downtown waterfront's only stoplight which is at Calle 11 and Melgar. Open 7 days per week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

TIP: Cathy has opened a Thai noodle bar around the corner on Calle 11 1/2 block from the waterfront and the food there is quite good as well and reasonably priced.

Del Sur Argentina  
PICTURE COMING SOON These Argentine-style fried empanadas aren't cheap by local standards running 14-18 pesos each. But if you get a few for a light lunch or snack, they qualify for the cheap eats category. An empanada (em-pah-NAH-dah) is a fried pastry filled with something delicious. This place uses wheat flour instead of corn for the tortilla part so its a lighter taste than the typical Mexican variety that is so popular here. Fillings are inventive including the more traditional to kind of out there like the cheese, bacon and plum. They also have some dessert ones that are worth a try. Located on Ave 5 1 block south of the owntown plaza.
El Museo  
Excellent prices and the view can't be beat-- a lovely gallery restaurant with an unobstructed view out across the Yucatan Channel to Playa del Carmen. Nice, clean restrooms, good service. Breakfast and lunch. Open 7 days/week 8 AM-2 PM On the waterfront at Calle 6. The food is not gourmet and the menu simple. But it's decently good food, well-presented and well served. And it is simply glorious to sit outside under the canopy with the ceiling fans whirling overhead and stare out at the caribbean while you eat.
If you gotta have your Chinese fix, this is a good place to get it. Very clean, attractively decorated place upstairs above the pizza hut on the corner of Calle 5 and the waterfront. Nice clean bathrooms and a view of the water to die for. They have an all you can eat Sunday morning buffet that is very popular with the locals. This is not high-end gourmet Chinese nor is it dim sum authentic cheapo-good. But it's tasty and reliable with a great view. Even has an outside balcony for cooler days. Cozumel Restaurant:Chi
Cozumel Restaurant:Camilos

A great little air conditioned seafood restaurant with very fresh fish and shellfish and prices that are reasonable -- especially considering the location -- 20 ft from the north wing of the downtown pedestrian-only plaza.

As with all our listings, it's very clean. Very popular with upper and middle-class Mexicans. No English spoken but you can order from the menu easily enough

. If you're there between noon and 5, try the fried shrimp tacos -- tacos de camarones. They're just scrumptious and last we checked were only 15 pesos (a bit less than $1.25) each. Order 4 with a beer or soft drink and you've got a great lunch.

Their seafood soup and ceviche is also excellent. Open Mon through Sat noon to 11 PM. No credit cards. 3 doors north of the intersection of Avenida 5 and Calle 2.


Cozumel Restaurant: Camillos

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