Shops North of the Downtown Plaza

Cinco Soles

Waterfront north of the plaza on the corner of Melgar & Calle 8.

Large, beautiful store with crafts from all over Mexico, reliable jewelry, nice boutique section in the rear. TIP:In the very back at the end of the store they have a 50% discount section. There's a lovely courtyard restaurant in this store, Panchos Backyard and a tequila bar for sampling a wide assortment before you buy. This is a fun place to shop. Not the cheapest prices in town but probably the best and widest selection and the buyers have really good taste.

Bead wholesaler

Calle 6 (behind the musuem) next door to the Flamingo Hotel and Restaurant

Wholesaler of inexpensive beaded jewelry, enamel rings, etc. Amazing selection. Rock bottom prices. There's a clean, charming little restaurant on the corner just past this place called The Coffee Press. And where hear the Flamingo Restaurant is also good

The Candy Store

Calle 2 between Avenida 5 and Avenida 10, north side of the street.

This is what it's called. A tiny, cute little store selling Mundt brand Swiss chocolate. Heavenly! Right around the corner on Avenida 5 between Calle 2 and 4 get fried shrimp tacos for $1 US each at Camillos. Very clean.

Muebles de la Santa Cruz

Avenida 15 between Calle 2 and Juarez

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Shops & Vendors North of the Pedestrian Only Plaza

El Museo

Waterfront north at Calle 6

This lovely little museum on the waterfront at Calle 6 is a must-see. There's a pretty restaurant upstairs on a gallery overlooking the Yucatan Channel that's open for breakfast, lunch and drinks. And the small gift shop has some nice items. There are often sales in the lobby that can include anything from salsa CD's and books to original paintings by Cozumeleno artists.
Cinco Soles, waterfront at Calle 8 Large, rambling waterfront store with crafts from all over Mexico, reliable jewelry, nice boutique section in the rear. TIP:In the very back at the end of the store they have a 50% discount section. There's a lovely courtyard restaurant in this store, Panchos Backyard and a tequila bar for sampling a wide assortment before you buy. This is a fun place to shop. Not the cheapest prices in town but probably the best and widest selection and the buyers have really good taste.

No NameHammock Shop

Avenida 5 one block north of the pedestrian-only plaza

There are plenty of hammocks and hammock swings for sale on the island. If you speak a bit of Spanish you can try to buy from the elderly gent who makes them on the front porch of his house. He's on . Right across from Zermatt's Bakery where you really owe it to yourself to stop in for a chocolate brioche


Muebles de la Santa Cruz

Avenida 15 between Calle 2 and Juarez. This is an interesting store crammed full of furniture and accessories in the wrought iron and carved wood rustico style that's so popular on the island. Although it would be impractical to take one of

Jadie's ornately carved wooden bed frames home, there are plenty of small things from which to choose including talevera, wood and wrought iron lamps, picture frames, etc. Reasonably priced and just a fun place to browse.
Shops & Vendors in the Pedestrian Only Plaza

Feather Painter

The artist has a stand set up behind the clock tower in the main downtown plaza.

This guy is an artist and his paintings on feathers make a one-of-a-kind present to take home to family that couldn't come along. And he also has a store 1 block north at the edge of the plaza.

Spray Paint Artists

The waterfront near the ferry pier. Behind the conch fountain and Las Palmeras restaurant.

Several of these guys work at night down on the plaza behind the conch fountain. It's fun to watch them work. Boy are they fast. One reader suggests taking your own blank license plate along. They'll spray paint if for you with your choice of design. Makes an excellent souvenir.
Cozumel Silver and Gold Owned and operated by long-time ex-pats Wayne and Nancy Beeman this fascinating jewelry store features a lot of unusual one-of-a-kind items. It's a fun place to browse. They do custom gold and gemwork, beadwork, and have quite a lote of black and red coral and a nice selection of Mexican opals. Located on the north "wing" of the pedestrian only downtown plaza about 15 yards before the intersection with Calle 2 and on your right if your back is to the clock tower on the plaza.

Hammock Shop

Tiny, stand-alone building with glass doors back in the center area of Plaza del Sol on the main plaza behind clock tower.

Many stores sell some hammocks. But this store which is in the little rabbit warren of small shops behind the Plaza del Sol Building specializes and there's a good selection of both cotton and nylon hammocks in a variety of sizes. Prices are marked but they will make a deal. .

Shops Directly Back from the Pedestrian Only Plaza

Galeria Azul

Avenida 10 between Salas and Calle 1

This charming little art gallery is run by Americans including a glass artist from Seattle whose lovely work is on display and for sale in the store. You'll also find the original art of a number of talented Mexican artists here. And there's a great underwater video for sale that you may want to take a look at, too. Friendly, pretty little place. Open evenings only

Bugamillias (Now called something else and 3 doors further south. Still owned by same company.)

Avenida 10 between Salas and Calle 1

This small shop is right across the street from the art gallery mentioned above. They specialize in handmade lace, embroidered and woven things --table linens and clothing. Beautiful stuff of very high quality. If you need a Christianing dress for a grandchild or a beautiful embroidered huiple blouse for your daughter-in-law, this is the place for you if you know good quality when you see it.

Bien Raices

Located on Avenida 10 between Salas and Calle 1, half block north of the restaurant La Choza and on the same side of the street

We think this shop keeper has excellent and eclectic taste. All kinds of interesting, handcrafted objects for sale here. You'll find beautiful paper & polished gourd lanterns, hand carved and painted wooden figurines and much more.

Between this shop and Bugamillias right next door (see above) the discerning shopper should have a lot of their bases covered without having to venture further afoot--if the 'foots' in question are sore by this stage of the game.

This is one of those places where you can bargain -- if you're patient. Best to plan to come back several times if you want to do that. In fact, if you're a shopping hound, consider staying downtown where you're very convenient walking distance to almost all of the shops mentioned in this article.

Instrumentales Musicales (PAX)

Corner of Avenida 20 & Juarez

Really unusual gifts at this store on the corner of Juarez and Avenida 15. The specialty here is musical instruments from all over Mexico. A fun place to visit and a great place to pick up gifts no one else on the ship will have. If you are a musician, this is a must see for your list for the many antique instruments Alfredo has on display in his store. Drums and guitars, too. Lots of 'em. This guy is famous in Mexico, just so's ya know. They've even done a documentary on him.

El Mercado

Corner of Rosada Salas and Avenida 25

The sprawling municipal market is an interesting place to visit not just for the produce and fresh juices available but also for all the little stores in rabbit warrens around behind the market proper. Nothing fancy here but if you use your imagination you might come up with a great use for that little tin birdcage. The large plaid plastic bags you'll see are very strong and perfect for lugging back things you buy. Our coed daughter uses hers for lugging laundry.

Elaina's Talevera

Calle 1 between Avenida 20 & 25

Large selection of hand-painted Mexican pottery. The open-air store just goes back and back. Some of it is pretty kitchy but there's also a lot of really tasteful items and prices a lot better than you'll see for similar quality items down on the waterfront. On Calle 11 between Avenida 20 and 25

Shops South of the Plaza


1 block south of the pedestrian-only downtown plaza on the corner of Avenida 5 and Calle 3.

If you have teen-age girls in your group, they'll love this store which is located Gothic jewelry, unusual clothes you won't find many places in the states, very cute shoes. Not the cheapest prices. But very cute stuff. My 19 year old daughter hits this place every trip down from school. Gorgeous purses too.

American Drug Store

Calle 3, 1/2 block in from the waterfront

Many drugs that are only available by prescription can be purchased in Mexico without one. The prices are often, but not always, considerably cheaper than what you would pay for the same drug in the US. Viagra, Retin-A and just about any antibiotic are just a few samples of drugs that are available here without a prescription and much cheaper than in the US. This little shop is run by Americans so you can go in and chat them up about what drugs they can sell you and the price it would be.

Miguelon Y Hijos

Calle 5 between Avenida 10 and Avenida 15, north side of the street.

There are lots of tiny storefront jewelry stores back in town that do excellent work repairing jewelry, setting stones, etc. We're recommending this one because its right around the corner from our house and we go past it all the time. Also a friend of ours who makes amber jewelery tells us this craftsman's work is unusual and special.

Back-in-Town Shops We Couldn't Resist Mentioning


Corner of Avenida 40 and Calle 10

10-1 and after 5 PM. You'll have to find someone to wait on you at this low-key place so go back to the iron shop and rattle around. This is an iron-working artist and he has beautiful wall decorationgs, mirrors and much more.

No Name Tray Store

Ave 25 between Salas and Calle 3, west side of the street

You'll know you're there when you see the trays in the windows. There the hand-painted and carved variety that collapse or open up into sort of a basket but can also be used as a tray. Better prices here than on the waterfront.

Dimaco Store

Avenida 30 between Calle 8 and Calle 10, west side of avenida

Small rustico-style furniture store but they often have some cute, interesting lamps in here.