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Dare to Live a Life-Time Experience!

Come with Us from Cozumel Island and Swim with the Biggest Fish in the World-- the Whale Sharks.


Cozumel Whale Shark Trip

According to scientists who study these beautiful creatures Holbox has the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world. The gentle giants can grow to 50 ft or more in length. And they come to these warm waters to feed and mate every season. To actually swim amongst these huge, marvelous creature is completely thrilling. I promise you!

This is a long day's adventure. But well worth it, my friends. You will never forget that 30 minutes you spend in the water with these magnificent fish-- not for the rest of your life.

ABOVE, Although whale sharks share their size and plankton scooping feeding habits with whales they share nothing else in common with these mammals. Whale sharks normally feed on or just below the surface filtering small planktonic organisms out of the water through their gills.

I've organized all the logistics for you. I'm Swiss. So I like to think that efficiency is my middle name.But I've also lived in this part of the world for 20 years, including 10 married to a Mayan dive instructor. So I also know where to take you to show you an insider's view of this very special world.

Cozumel Roswitha


Cozumel Mayan Woman
RIGHT, a typical Mayan tienda like those you'll see along the road to Chiquila
Most Whale Shark Trips from Cozumel involve a long grind out to the whales travelling on both ends. I've figured out a way to cut the travel time a little. I've also given a lot of thought to breaking up the trip so that it will be as comfortable and interesting as possible for you. This is a long day's adventure but that doesn't mean every piece of the journey can't be comfortable and fun. (!!)

We'll begin our journey with a early morning ferry trip across the Yucatan Channel to Playa del Carmen.


Cozumel Ferry

Cozumel to WhaleShark Van

From there a comfortable, air conditioned van will transport you directly to the quaint Mayan town of Chiquila. Here you will hop on the boat that will take you out to find the whales.


Cozumel Whale Woman


During the van trip you'll have the opportunity to explore a part of Maya Land few visitors see. The big buses definitely don't go here. People are very friendly and will wave at you as you go by.
Cozumel Whaleshark Boat

At Chiquila you'll hop aboard a boat manned by hand-picked local captains and bilingual guides.I've checked them out personally, folks. They are the best of the best.


Radio, life jackets and snorkeling gear, water, soft drinks and sandwiches are provided on the boat and there's plenty of shade.




Coz Trip Whale Guy

Cozumel Whale Shark Multitude

The boat will be limited to 5-6 people max plus the guide in the water who takes care of you.


Each swimmer will have 20-30 minutes swim with the Whale sharks.

Only one or two people at a time so as not to frighten the big creatures.

Cozumel WhaleShark OK


Cozumel Whale Boys

After your thrilling adventure, you'll be hungry, believe me! So I've picked out a charming and authentic little seafood restaurant where a cerveza and an authentic Mayan dish Tikin-Xic (spiced grouper cooked in banana leaves) awaits you.

Cozumel food

Although some whale shark tours take people out in June, I consider this an iffy month. To be absolutely sure of meeting up with the Big Boys and Girls I only do these trips during the months of July and August.

The price is $260 per person and includes everything -- all transport, the tour itself, snacks, drinks and authentic Mayan lunch.

Cozumel Whale Shark Trip

Advanced reservations and a security deposit are required in order to secure all the arrangements. The balance is due in cash or traveller's checks.

If you would like more information about this thrilling trip or want to get on a waiting list to join a group, please EMAIL ME.