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First Time Move to Cozumel for a Complete Beginner

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 05:10 AM

Every nation state in the world is trying to plug the economic refugee hole in the dyke. Money and investment now flows at the speed of a keystroke. Often whole economies can be shattered in a moment, while most people and communities are tethered to their nation state's archaic immigration rules and a blame game starts that often targets hapless victims. In Canada, the "guest worker program" has been universally pilloried for importing cheap labour and the depressing conditions that follow... for everyone! Recently it was widely reported that a Chinese national, escaping grinding poverty in his own country, was working in the tar sands as an electrician (completely untrained) and was electrocuted. Can one imagine the job of giving the word to loved ones back in China? Yet we now have hundreds of thousands of "legal" guest workers working at MacDonalds and Subway and even the banks in Canada. There is no shortage of electricians (or fast food or bank workers) in either Alberta or Canada. Just this past summer, a group of Mexican and Peruvian agricultural workers were brought in to Ontario with no safety regulations and no labour standards. The bus carrying them to the fields was overloaded and unsafe and they were killed. Again,does anyone envy the job of informing their loved ones back home? I suppose the problem solved itself because the large company that benefits from Mexican labour in the Leamington area just announced they've made a business decision and are closing their ketchup plant after nearly a hundred years. I don't blame guest workers or other so-called "aliens" (wish their was another word to describe fellow human beings). They want what I want, the best life possible, including here in Cozumel. Most of the folks from Mexico were sending much of their meager earnings to their families back home. So, Rachael, with the brashness of youth, has opened up a discussion. Like others on this blog with greater experience than myself and tremendous tact (I hasten to add), I fear for her decision and hope for her sake that she reconsiders. But I guess I understand where she and others of her generation are coming from.
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