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Grocery Shopping and eating in?'s

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#21 Coz2wonder



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Posted 31 March 2010 - 01:19 PM

Mark, interesting, and GREAT idea for those who live in town.

Your right however, coming this far South (without it being a big order) doesn't make sense.

Now, if they could expand their business a bit more and provide the Island Shopper concept, I would be interested, as well as a number of folks.

Quite a while ago I wanted somebody to go into business (Island Shopper) and provide shopping for me. The key was that they would go to Playa and shop at Sam's Club (as an example) and all the fresh produce stands, and bring all the products back from a shopping lists they create and I order from.

My thoughts where they they tally up the bill, and charge 20 service charge to deliver.
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#22 nauticab



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Posted 31 March 2010 - 03:35 PM

i got a good chuckle of the incorrect spelling og OAXACA. oxcaca is pretty funny. i know it wasn't intentional, i misspell all the time, but that one is cute. ox poop.
anyway, i digress....
hint about the bread. when i buy fresh bread (i prefer mega bread way over chedraui, and zermatt over anyone else) is to immediately put the bread (with brown bag and all) in a freezer size ziplock bag and put them in the freezer. when you are ready to eat one, take it out on the counter for about 10 minutes, and it's as fresh as when you bought it. if you don't have a ziplock bag, just use one of the veggie plastic bags...it works fine for about a month. then freezer burn sets in.
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#23 dawnb



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Posted 31 March 2010 - 07:22 PM

Great tip, Nauticab! We always freeze our bread, even in the States, in the original bag.
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#24 TC



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Posted 05 April 2010 - 03:42 PM

The OP asked about "can't miss" grocery items. Our favorite year after year are the Mafer lime crusted peanuts. They are absolutely addictive. We bring home 12 bags each February and savor them one per month until we can get back again. I have never been able to find them in the States or even on-line.

I dealt with the Mega timeshare guys this year by telling them I own a home on the island. I was never bothered again. I agree, they are only near the escalator after check-out. The staff in the aisles have always been more than helpful with my questions.
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#25 Antanas



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Posted 06 May 2010 - 07:26 PM

Carey..Saw your post about hiring a cook. Got any leads your can pass on to me. We will be in Cozumel June 18th and we are looking to hire a cook for daily breakfast's and a couple dinners. We depart June 25th. We will buy all the food. appreciate the help.
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#26 Carey



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Posted 07 May 2010 - 10:30 AM

Start a new thread and see if you get any leads. I don't know of anyone. Although there are probably several if you're renting in town. If you're at a beach location chances are your rental agent can arrange a cook for you. Local cooks will need transportation to be provided if you're not staying in town.
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Posted 14 May 2010 - 07:24 AM

We tried Te Lo Llevamos for grocery delivery about 2 weeks ago and it was great! JC showed up at the condo about 15 minutes after we arrived and the order was as we expected. The only thing that we should have been more specific is that we got de-caf coffe vs. caffeinated. That was quickly solved on our Sunday jaunt to El Coffee and a quick stop at Mega.

Pre-order your food over his website. Pay a 50% deposit via PayPal after he sends you the estimate. Upon arrival, you are presented the receipt, your deposit is deducted from the total bill. You pay a mark up on the cost and a delivery charge based on where you are located.

This has got to be one of the better services on the island if you are staying in a condo or villa. We plan to use him again on our next trip. We spent the extra time at the pool, not in the store.

They told us they are getting ready to offer cook services as well.

(987) 872-5200
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One thing we decided to do was save all our future grocery receipts so we can be specific about certain brands we like. We like certain brands of tortillas and juices over other brands.
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