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The new Marina

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#1 Carey



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Posted 07 March 2010 - 01:39 PM

I haven't been out to the southern marina, La Caleta, for quite awhile. Who can update us as to whether they've actually started building the fancy new marina that is planned for this location?

The Cozumel section of the newspaper, Por Esto, has a story about the proposed project today decrying the fact that it will take a a huge amount of business away from central downtown. The article says the marina will be completely self-contained with shops, restaurants, the works and with no cars and a beautiful view.

80% of cruise passengers would be shuttled over there according to the article where they could lounge and otherwise mingle with private yacht owners. (Hmm something seems a little out of wack about that last picture :D

A side issue not mentioned in this article is what will happen to the charter fishing and dive boat industry? So many of them keep their boats here. Supposedly they will be grandfathered and continue to pay lower fees. But how long will that continue? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Anyway, Por Esto showed an aerial picture that appears as though they've already dredged it and are setting up slips. Who can update us on what's what?
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#2 Coz2wonder



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Posted 07 March 2010 - 02:52 PM

from what I know, it has nothing to do with, nor will impact to the cruise industry.

The marina will be for private crafts, with condo's and home built there. High end users, high end prices.

I had a friend who wanted to bring his 75foot sail boat down from NYC, and park it in the Marina at the North end, it was more money per month for dockage fees here, then it was for NYC. Go figure.

Take a look at the spec's in Por Esto, it is nothing new, and if you look at any island, or place around the world that has an open harbor...what would you do with it?

For those who cling to the bare foot and pregnant, Cozumel has moved on.
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#3 Charles



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Posted 07 March 2010 - 11:24 PM

Cozumel both through their lack of space, services offered, the restrictions and costs, have long turned its back of private boating. Docking price at Abrigo higher than NY. sounds about right, but probably a fraction of the services. Just being anchored/moored offshore gets complicated and expensive. Friends used to go to Isla Mujeres and dock, then travel back to Cozumel to stay here.

What is being talked about is incorporating this entire zone, the two piers and the marina into a private enclave. I am sure it would bring in Mexicans from around the country for the temporary construction projects and then would create jobs for locals as maid, gardeners and retail help would be necessary. For every retail job created, there will probably be two lost downtown.

I hear that Carnival will complete their pier expansion this Fall. Their target date is to finish by October, but to finish the pier to have capacity for four ships before the next high season for cruise ships. That will give docking space for six large vessels combined with the two piers. Removing the truck ferry will better enable combining this whole area including the marina. The original plans for Puerta Maya and conditions of the permits were to construct a golf course and mega sized hotels. I am guessing the marina project is over lapping some of what the original plans called for development of the area.

This is the first time I have seen it acknowledged in the press that downtown has no chance of every being what it once was nor any chance of reinvention. My guess is the slated remodeling of the downtown plaza will complete the transformation from once being the commercial center into a giant cement monument of bad ideas. They can lower the Mexican flag and declare the Island of Peace has lost the war for survival and surrendered.

It will be interesting to see if the marina project will be effective at driving out all the local diving and fishing operators. The whole area can become a compound where locals are unwanted and not allowed unless they are working in some peon capacity. The permits granted for construction of Puerta Maya called for recreational areas for the use of locals and cruise ship employees and to provide space for government offices. Gosh, where are the soccer field, the basketball courts and just which local and federal offices are located there? In exchange for the permits, besides not destroying 45% of the mangroves, they were required to provide real benefit to the common people of the community. Going back to when Joaquin Haces spent two weeks in jail for environmental fines, the entire development has ignored all the conditions and terms required.
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