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Block Buster News In Por Esto Re Scuba Mau Dive Op

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 08:29 PM

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Cabrilla's Sport Center
Calle 11 % Melgar y 10av
Edificio Portales, Local 1
Dressing Fishermen and Triathletes from Head to Toe

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 11:40 PM

Well said, Sr. Charles. And my condolences to all the families impacted - directly and indirectly - by this incident. T
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Posted 28 February 2012 - 01:10 AM

First of all just let me say "Thank-you" for the kind sentiments.

I would like to clear the air regarding the shop. Ishi and Roger own and run it. When Opal made that last dive, Joseph had been on the Island with her for about 5 months. It wasn't as if he flew in and took over, he was already there and all he did/does was/is take care of the e-mails. ALL day to day operations and decisions are made by Ishi and Roger, not Joseph. He wasn't/isn't even paid for it, he did it for his sister's memory and to try to get the shop past the death of Opal intact. I don't know if any of you are aware of the fact two years ago Joseph had a horrendous car wreck. His one leg is held together by a titanium rod, plates and screws. He was suppose to have come home in October of last year to have more surgeries done, but, was unable to due to Opal's death. So he was going to come home in November, but, that was when the TripAdvisor hijacking and review deletion took place and he needed to stay and help sort that out for the shop. Since he had already delayed his return home he decided to stay and see them through the holidays. He was scheduled to return home to have his leg taken care of the first part of January. That was when domain name and site and e-mails were hijacked so he wound up staying to help them get through that. Meanwhile, your favorite Canadian and his cronies were very publicly and very vocally defending Mau and his attacks (some of the spin was just unbelievable), while vilifying the family saying we were taking over the shop. If Mau and your favorite Canadian had just stepped back and left the shop alone to grieve and heal, Joseph would have been back home getting his leg taken care of and your favorite Canadian could have ruled the roost. Trust me, the other day when your favorite Canadian came into the shop, if the family had been in charge, he would have been handed his a** and put out on the street. The behavior of Ishi and Roger in regards to your Canadian dumbfounded me, until I read the post regarding him buying that insurance, then it clicked, then it made sense. You have no idea how badly I wished they could have left the shop alone, just for a couple of months, to let them get over the loss of Opal in peace instead of starting the attacks less than ten days after she had died. Instead of getting past it, it's like waiting for the next landmine to explode.

In regards to monies paid out by the shop for Opal's Chamber bill, those funds have been returned. Seems the owner of the chamber had "gifted" the remainder of Opal's bill after the pay-out from the PayPal account, but, I guess Julio didn't get the memo. In December Heath was down there for a visit and to see how Joseph was holding up. While he was there Julio called the shop wanting money to pay on the remainder of Opal's chamber bill. I had heard the balance had been gifted, but, Jen and Denise had said there was still money owed and since they had been the ones in charge of the PayPal Account set up for the medical bills, we all figured they knew what they were talking about. Heath ran his credit card at the shop and Roger wrote Julio a check. Then when Heath got home and he told a few people what had transpired, phone calls were made, investigations were started and the money was returned. As far as the Opal PayPal account all was accounted for. The PayPal account was a totally separate entity from the Rally for Opal & Gabi & Heath's Recovery page on Facebook which collects funds through www.divingfordreams.org . The Rally page funds (www.divingfordreams.org) go directly to Gabi or towards Opal's Memorial (as specified by the donor). The funds received for Gabi go directly to Gabi and his family to be used as they see fit (food, clothing, shelter, etc...). The Memorial Fund is set up to offset the costs of the memorial. I believe she is setting up another fund to be used to get Gabi to the US for evaluation and possible treatment. Pam Bertrand (Ultimate Diver Challenge producer) is very open, honest and transparent and will gladly answer any and all questions you may have without excuses, delays or reservations. She is the Energizer Bunny of unbounded energy!!!!

I hope this helps explain a few things that have been swirling around the bowl and maybe we can push the handle and wave it good-by.

April (Opal's Mom)
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