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Tsa'S Global Entry Program

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:49 PM

For those that still travel back and forth to the US, waiting in the Customs line can be a pain. We decided the pay the $100 for a five year permit that allows us to skip the wait in immigration and customs.

We filled out the paperwork on-line about 2 months ago. It was a detailed questionnaire and background check. Within a couple of weeks, we were approved and scheduled our interview. The interview today was about 20 minutes long and since we were married, the TSA office interviewed us together. We walked out with our passport numbers now registered with US immigration.

Now, when we arrive back to the states, we go straight to the ATM-like machine, scan our passport and place our hand on the fingerprint scanner. The machine spits out a receipt and we are on our way to baggage claim or the exit. If you have items that require additional inspection, the print out flags it for you.

As an added bonus, we are being mailed "Expedited Screening" TSA Prev ID cards that allows us to breeze though most TSA security checkpoints at any airport in the country with a participating airline. No more removing shoes, lap tops, wallets, etc. When you book your flight on a participating airline, simply enter your ID number and the "secret phrase" is encrypted on your bar coded boarding pass.

Here are the links.


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 07:06 AM

Thanks for the update and links on that issue, Mark.

AJ and I have had ours for something like four years?? And I would never go back! It saves so much time reentering the country as you breeze up to your own 'chine and are done in under five minutes.

We also now have our TSA cards that are supposed to let us skip most of the security song and dance. But we have yet to get to use it. Coming out of San Francisco in November 2012 we were a week early for the start up of the new system. And in Dallas where we stopped over for the night, they told us since we were flying out of the country, we would have to do the regular security thing.

So really not that much good to us on that point and very disappointing. But it should work domestically at least as in when you RECHECK back in after customs and immigration coming back to the US. Houston, our usual point of entry, just implemented this very recently along with a lot of other airports.

A couple of the AA security check in areas in DFW were part of a 4 airport pilot program that's been running for a couple of years. So I expect that's been expanded to all security check in there at this point. We can hope.

Since the system is newly implementing right now in most US airports, it's prolly a good idea to check and see if only certain gate areas have this in place and in my book would be well worth the trouble of slupping over to one of the new gates check ins. No laptops out of bag, no shoes and belt off, etc. etc. I saw one biz man with a suit and briefcase goes breezing through. Xray machine only, briefcase, unopened, on conveyer belt. He was a happy camper. We were stuck because we were flying DFW to CZM.
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