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Punta Molas

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#1 dawn



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Posted 12 June 2013 - 12:36 PM

Will be in Cozumel on July the 4th 5th and 6th we would like to go see Punta Molas i know you can not drive there without a 4 wheeldrive and we will be renting a car so we do not want to drive it down there and have the ins be void and risk geting stuck we would like to go by boat but do not know how to set this up if anyone could help that would be great thanks

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#2 mstevens



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Posted 12 June 2013 - 02:41 PM

It's really far easier to get there by sea. Adrian used to do this, and probably still does. You can find him on Facebook.

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#3 dawn



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Posted 13 June 2013 - 07:01 AM

not sure how to find him dont facebook do i need a last name or just put Adrian and cozumel also culd he take us fishing thanks so much for your help

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#4 cvchief


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Posted 13 June 2013 - 07:39 AM

http://www.cozumelki.../help-about.asp  will get you to Adrian I think.  His tour of the north has been on our list.


For fishing we have been going out on the KayKib.  Great boat and crew: http://www.fishingkaykib.com/ 

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El Jefe

Wishing I was retiring to Cozumel.....

Casa De Jefe

#5 MarkC



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Posted 13 June 2013 - 11:02 AM

I will say this... For me, the idea of seeing Punta Molas died when I learned the lighthouse was sealed shut. 


Also, it's not a risk you'd get stuck going up there if you drove, it's a guarantee.







-----Original Message-----
From: Adrian
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:10 AM
To: Mark
Subject: Re: Punta Molas

Punta Molas Adventure

Hello Mark

Thanks for getting in touch with me. I hope I can be part of your memorable
vacation and show you a great time here in the island.

First of all, I'm not an organized company like all the big tours operators.
I was born and raised in the island and know my way around like the palm of
my hand.

My grandparents started, what is now the oldest restaurant in the island,
www.casadenis.com and since I was a kid I took people out on tours on my
grandfather’s request; you name it: Jungle, fishing, snorkeling, Mayan site
seeing, animal seeing tours.

Right now I have my own restaurant, Especias and also own a surf and bikini
shop in the island, Puro Mar, www.cozumelkiteboarding.com. I mention this so
you have an idea of who I am and where I come from.

I have seen, through the years, many companies go and come, huge tour
operators and what I called cattle carriers. From that last I have found
that we started to lose the personal service that we used to offer when we
were that little fishing village where I was born; all that due to the money
that high volume tourism and cruise ships produce, this was the main reason
that I never developed a company of tours like the others.

I rather do small tours, where I can show the island in a local point of
view. It’s been great to receive people over the years and make friends all
the time. I do not advertise openly, since I am selective on who I take out
and most of the activities I do are oriented to the adventurer traveler, not
to the all inclusive, relaxing on the beach type people, (nothing wrong with

At the moment the Punta Molas adventure is being the most popular tour I do,
but, there a few things I have to tell you about the northern side of

Since it has not been developed for the tourism, it still keeps the magic of
a wild life sanctuary, so please do not expect services over there; In case
we need the bathroom we will need to pull over in the jungle or the ocean to
mark territory!! Besides this, it’s wonderful place. There is a need of a
good bug spray and sun screen, as well as, towels, hats and water shoes or
secured strap sandals are a must so we can make a good hike around. As for
the weather, here in Cozumel we have a very hot and humid weather so you
will have to have that in mind as well. In the winter a wetsuit, long or
short, will keep you in the water longer and a light raincoat would be
appreciated in case of rain.

After sharing those facts with you, here is how our adventure begins:

We will meet at the pier by Blind bay lagoon, this is located on the way to
Passion Island; to get there you need to drive through all the northern
Hotel zone and pass the country club golf course. No major 90 degrees turns
need to be made, you will see a dirt road and it will be like 15 minute
drive till you get to the Pier where the boat will be waiting. After
introduction and safety briefing we will start our journey to passion island
area. From there we will do a ride to the Monte Cristo lagoon so you can
appreciate the beauty of the mangrove trees and the fauna of the lagoon

After Montecristo Lagoon we will keep riding on our boat to the northern
point of the island where we will find a reef and will do some snorkeling by
a 25 year old ship wreck. Please note, the logistic of our activities will
also depend on the weather conditions and sea currents.

After finishing with snorkeling we will head to the light house and start a
hike towards the light house of Punta Molas, over there we will have the
opportunity to hike to an abandoned light house that was build in the mid
1900's. Once the light house its visited we will start our way back
stopping at "Rio de la Plata" Lagoon to get a half a mile hike in knee deep
water and venture to discover and ancient Mayan ruin, where you will learn
and have the oportunity to see a Mayan sound house.

After all activities are done we will have our lunch and some snacks to then
finally start our way back to our depart point.

This tour will give you the opportunity to see the Cozumel that very little
tourist get to see and it’s also a great picture opportunity tour since
there are great places to take shots so charge your battery clear your
memory stick and loose the camera shyness :)

I will supply boat transportation, soft drinks and beer, snacks, snorkel
gear if needed and the price will be 250usd for 1-2 pax and 80us every
additional person with a max of 5 per boat. Please note that there are not
other boats going along and it will be just the group of yours and not
others that you don't know.

The tour takes 4-5 hours of personalized guiding through magical secluded
areas and we will be exposed to the elements most part of the day.

I will just need the following info if you decide to book on me:
Names, Ages, weight
Date and schedule
Place where you will be staying and if you come in a boat, then Ship name,
Pier of arrival and ship schedule.
Water skills and confidence at snorkeling, "important"
Any health problems or major surgeries? please be very detail on this one.

I strongly recomend to go on this adventure with the best weather conditions
so we can enjoy and have fun. If too windy the water gets merky and choppy
and its not fun. If seasick is your deal I recomend you to take a dramamine
an hour before we take the tour.

Then i suggest we keep an opening of your vacation plan and go ahead with
the forecast, this will aloud us to pick the best day. If you only have one
day then we will have to relay on our good luck of good weather. Days with
winds after 12knots would obligate me to cancel unless you still want to go
for it. Days with winds over 18knots would be a total cancelation.

I do not pick up people from hotels since i have to have a preparation in
advance to be ready on your arrival, but i can give you a ride back after
the tour is over if you have no problems waiting for me as i anchor the boat
and pack my truck to get back.

Most tours in the island range in price from 90-110us. On these tours you
share your day on buses, boats and lots of people and usually takes 3-4
hours of non personalized guiding. Please consider I would spend the whole
day doing my best showing you a part of Cozumel that very few get to see.

In order to reserve, please reply to this mail to check for openings on my
agenda, once the opebing is confirm I will request a Pay Pal deposit of
50us. In case of cancelation due to bad weather the deposit will be returned
considering the Paypal FEE to do so. In case of No show there will not be a
return on the deposit due to preparation expenses. In case of ship no show
or change route i will requiere an email 24hours in advance. In case of
illness too. In case of moctezuma revenge, drink one part of Coke and fresh
lime juice to get a happy tummy.
Pay pal deposits will be done towards adrian@cozumelkiteboarding.com

Another recomendation is to get in touch with me via email, phone or smoke
signals as soon as you hit the island so i know where to contact you in case
of weather changes.

I hope you liked the info I have sent you and I will be here happily waiting
for your response


Adrian Angulo
AKA adrian cozumel on Facebook
Especias Restaubar, 3rd street south between 5th and 10 ave.
Puro Mar Surf-Kite and Bikini Shop, 5th ave and 3rd street south.
Cell +52 1 9878761558

Adrián Angulo
+52 1 987 8761558
Especias Restaubar
Puro Mar surf-kite shop

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