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Home Made Yogurt

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Posted 07 December 2013 - 10:31 AM

I don't like the sweetened or salted yogurts that are all that's available in these parts.


So I've started making my own again recently and am very happy with the results so thought I would share for those of you who don't realize how easy it is to make yogurt down here.


The big thing that makes it easy is that you don't have to heat up the milk to a certain temp ahead of time and then allow it to cool to just the right temp before adding the yogurt starter.


With the packaged, uber pasteurized milk, you can just pour the room temperature sterilized boxed milk into your container, stir in your yogurt start and that's that.  Of course everything has to be very clean but that's a heck of a lot easier than all that heating and cooling work that I always had to do in the states.


Yu can make it in the oven in a bowl but I have an old Yogourmet 'chine that works great and you can have one sent via amazon global for a total of around $60.


Makes 2 liters at a pop.  Here's my recipe.


2 liters Santa Clara boxed milk.  I use entera.

2 5 gram packages of yogurt starter (you will need to have this brought down but after the first batch, you can save and freeze half a cup as starter for the next batch and on again for sometimes up to 20 batches.)


Pour the milk into the container you're going to use for the yogurt. Gently but thoroughly fold but do no stir in your yogurt starter.  Put on the top of the yogurt maker, turn it on and you're done.


I've been cooking mine for 15 hours.  Then leaving it out unplugged for another 4.  Then carefully move unopened canister to fridge for 12 hours.  I'm using the casei fidius yogourmet starter and the result is a nice sharp taste that I really like.  Good consistency also.  Although I have ordered a 'nut milk' bag to try for draining off extra whey (which I like to drink anyway) and making the yogurt even creamer and thicker.


Am also going to try the uber pasteurized crema for one cup of the milk mixture and see how that might change the texture or taste.



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