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Message From A Life Saver About The East Side

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 08:32 AM

I am sharing this discussion that started on Facebook regarding an incident (same issues with the drowning victim a little over a week ago) that happened when the ambulance had to make a long, looped journey to find a parking between the new road, and the "bike only road". ADI, posted a message on FB from one "lifesaver" on the east side regarding the lack of access by the rescue personal because they can not use the "bike only road" for rescue, or find a cross or parking for the ambulance between the roads.


I´m posting this to honor a request from a lifesaver from the wild side, he wanted us to pass this so maybe it will fall on the right ears:

The blocking of the car road so only bikes can ride by the ocean road is also keeping AMBULANCES from getting to injured people. He mentioned the case of a 17 year old male that almost drowned (was brought back by CPR) and had to loose precious minutes of care because the ambulance couldn´t cross and had to go south several miles to find a spot and go back to the man in distress.
Share this please"


In case of the two drowning victim recently, there appears nothing rescue workers could have done to save the victims lives. However, it was the same situation in regards to the 17 year old, the ambulance again had to make a long journey to provide life saving aid to this child. 


With hundreds, if not a few thousand people using the east side beaches on a daily bases,  this issue of rescue personal (ambulances) not being able to find cross overs, or USE the "bike only road" to get to the ocean side from the main hwy, has created a much need big picture discussion.


This topic and option(s) has nothing to do with the PROFESSIONAL biking events that happen on the island.  


The discussion, and of course contraversy is between the hobbies who want to prohibit ANY vehicles use on THEIR road. One suggestion was to spend tax dollars on placing "flexible barriers" between the new road and "bike only road".  The cost to install new flexible barriers" is unknown, nor the time frame to purchase, remove the old barriers, and install these new barriers is anyone's guess if they are even available in the Mexican market..


I am not a fan of the "bike only road".  I believe it is much more dangerous now, because the assumption is made that there will be no motorized vehicles on that road.  We all know about assumptions.  

In addition, more police resources are being utilized to ensure the "bike only road" is exclusively being used by those who are out biking.


To deny use of the "bike only road" to emergency vehicles is in my option, short sited and life threatening.


What is TRULY needed in my option RIGHT NOW is;

1.  Radio communications.  This would allow calls for help to central dispatch to send rescue aid to the east side..

2.  Access to ALL roads by rescue personal.


That is where I want my tax dollars spent.  


On the back burner for me is long term use of the current "bike only road".  Rather the road is turned back over to the public or if it stays a special interest only domain, can be decided by those in power.

Until them, I respect the current rules of use of the "bike only road".  I don't even use the road in either direction, which is a real loss to me.


Bottom line, Ambulances, and rescue personal need access to ALL ROADS.  Period!



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Posted 24 May 2015 - 08:29 AM


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Posted 26 May 2015 - 11:35 AM

"Bottom line, Ambulances, and rescue personal need access to ALL ROADS.  Period!"   - I agree totally with this point.

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