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Hi Guys! Trying To Do My Homework, And Need A Little More.

accountat tax medical services

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 06:02 PM

Hi Guys!


My wife and I first visited Cozumel on our honeymoon and instantly fell in love. We both teared up on the plane ride home, and as soon as we landed started planning our return trip. We have been back several times, staying longer and longer. The culture, people, environment, and blue BLUE waters makes this island paradise!


It seems that we have much in common with many of you, we too want to move there. As luck would have it, certain things in our lives have changed that will makes this happen a lot sooner that originally planned. I will be starting, or should say taking over, a business and will be the first to arrive. What I have not found yet is a storage facility that has at least 10'x10' room, as well as room for boat storage. Also, I know about the business tax, but I am a little confused on the personal income tax. I have been told that since I will not be a citizen then I do not pay personal income tax, to I will pay 35-40% plus what ever I have to pay back here in the states, to all things in between. I am hopeful someone can clarify this, and maybe recommend a good accountant.


Any opinions on the medical facilities on the island? I know that there are some new facilities, and care available, but how is the quality of care? Where would one go if they had a sever heart attack, or cancer? My wife is a RN and is asking those questions. I'm thinking "We live in Paradise, I can die in beauty!" haha! Also, any recommendation, or ideas on Health Insurance?


Any information any one can give is greatly appreciated.....THANK YOU!

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Posted 10 October 2015 - 08:32 PM

I think La Colmena mini-bodegas are smaller than what you're asking about, but I haven't actually measured ours. They're the only self-storage facility of which I know. "Boat" covers everything from a kayak to gigantic yachts, so answers to boat storage probably depend on size, as well as whether you need it covered, enclosed, or whatever.


If you're taking over a business, you will have already sorted out a residency status that allows you to work. If you did that yourself, it's probably worth hiring a lawyer to ensure that you're completely clear on tax issues. If you used a lawyer to facilitate your residency and work status, you should check with that lawyer.


There are some quite good medical facilities on the island, particularly for acute things such as the heart attack you mentioned. "Cancer" is tougher to respond to, as there's really no such thing - there are hundreds of different cancers ranging from the common to the rare, from not very risky to very dangerous, and from easy to treat to hard to treat. There are also some treatment modalities that just aren't going to be available in a town the size of Cozumel, whether in Mexico or in the US. If I knew I had a medical condition that required specialist care, I'd do more digging. I do know that many people go to the mainland (particularly to Merida) for specialized medical care.

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 09:17 AM

I would start with a good MX attorney and then work towards a good accountant.  Lawyers are relatively cheap compared to the US.

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 11:18 AM

My husband and I own 3 corporations here.  Unless you have legal status, you can not work in any business.  You can not even answer the phone, or sign any documents...period.  


Never, absolutely NEVER start, or purchase a business without first working with a lawyer.  Do you know what liens, or debts the business you are purchasing might have?  How about silence partners that were not disclosed, or back taxes, or fines?


You will need an account who manages the monthly report to the SAT office.  Now, as a business owner, you need a retinal scan.


As Mark mentioned, there is a storage unit available, but not big enough for a boat, and the place could not accommodate a boat or anything outside of the large lockers. (I rented two so familiar with the units).

There is a dry marina across the street from the Blue Angel hotel.


Depending on your age (60 or younger) AXA is a great health insurance policy.  Ask for recommendation about agents who handle it.


There is a lot more available now to the citizens/guests of Cozumel for medical treatment.  One is the Hyperbaric Chamber that is going to have many advanced services that have not been available prior.

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