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Sweet Vaction Rental

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 09:07 AM



This house is owned by a local artist and her husband.  Autumn has done all the graphic, and this is being offering at a great seasonal rental price.

"We have a special at the Ocean House! $75 USD per night, and it sleeps 6. Everything is brand new, right down to the garden and outside areas.
It includes bicycles, snorkel equipment, AC units, a washer, a dryer, hot water, and a full-service kitchen. 
The house is near Unidad Deportiva, so it's right in between 30 and 65. It's also a super close bike ride to the ocean!"




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Posted 17 March 2017 - 11:30 AM

Neat looking place.  Love the colors.

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Posted Yesterday, 04:14 PM

There are some really dishonest people out there.

This happened two days ago to the property owners.


From the owner of the property


So. After spending an entire day trying to get this taken care of, we've filed a report with the police and the republic municipal (or municipal republic... My Spanish.....)

A couple and their baby (who yesterday was 2 months old, and today is 4 months old... 1f644.png) Made a same-day booking for the Iguana House. They rented it for 3 days.

I offered to pick them up at the ferry and when I did, I mentioned to them that their payment had not gone through, so to be sure to take care of that. The husband refused. He insisted on paying in cash. I took it but told him he may have issues with Airbnb for not doing it their way.


After I took them to their place, the husband insisted on bathing his baby in a real bathtub, so I took him to the store. He broke the door handle of my car, laughed and walked away.

Later, he messaged me asking for all kinds of other things like a microwave and a barbeque grill.


This morning I woke up to missed calls and texts. The husband said his wife and baby were allergic to chemicals, had to leave, and wanted a refund. I explained that there are no chemicals, and no one has ever complained about any allergies in the room, especially because it's all new. I was VERY nice and told him that if he needed to leave, I hope he finds another more comfortable place to stay so he and his family could enjoy Cozumel. He got nasty about the money so I told him I would just use the money to replace the door handle he broke and ignored.


Then I got phone calls and texts from Jona's aunt and mom that the guests were trying to steal all of our stuff. So they called the police, who didn't show.

So I canceled my mural painting today and went back to the apartment. By the time I got there, the guests had gone and stole our big heavy wooden couch!!!!!!!!!!

After some investigating, we found out that they asked a neighbor nearby to "help move some furniture". The driver of the truck, not knowing there was an issue, loaded up the couch and took it where the guest asked him to. On the side walk in front of San Miguel clinic. No idea why they chose to drop it there....

We went to the police, who told us to call them again from the couch-drop-off site. Do we did. The police then told us to go to the public municipal to file another report..We did that too, but have to go again later.

The guests of course are not answering their phone.

The reservation was done under the wife's name, but because payment never went through, Airbnb doesn't recognize them as an official reservation... I'll work on that...

But the guests mentioned yesterday they wanted to move here... So warn your people! 
I don't have the guy's full name but he's 2 meters tall, dark hair and dark eyes. He's foreign but I'm not sure from where.


The wife's name and the reservation was made in her name. Veronica Doño. They are traveling with their baby who is either 2 or 4 months old.

I checked their Airbnb reviews today, and not surprisingly, they had terrible reviews because of the husband. I cannot find any photos of him...

I would be very cautious in renting to them if they decide to stay here..




1.  Airbnb could do nothing, because no money changed hands using their service.

2.  The couch was never recovered.  After the theifs dropped the couch on the sidewalk, somebody else came along and stole it.

3.  The police have taken no action as yet (if ever).

4.  The owners will no longer accept same day booking.

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The most important thing in life is not knowing everything, it's having the phone number of somebody who does!


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