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How I learned to put photos into posts

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Posted 16 March 2010 - 05:02 PM

To Charles and Carey (and anyone else who has been following my struggles with getting photos into my posts):
I have found a way to include photos within the posts. I will outline what I did that worked in this post (and also a few of the things that I could not get to work).
Here is what I did that worked:

1. Put the photos I want to share into a lower-resolution .JPG (jpeg) format using some kind of photo editor. (My camera takes photos that are 3 to 4 MBs in size. This is way to big for web use so I bring the photos into a photo editor program - I use HP Photosmart Premier that came with one of my cameras. I reduce the size/quality of the photo to a 'email size' - 650 by 480 so that the file size is down to under 50K. The original resolution/size of the photos from my camera are 2116 by 2812, and take up 3 to 4 MB. )

2. Put the photos into a Picasa (by google) photo album. (When you get to the point of inserting the photo into the text of your posting, you have to insert a photo from some location on the internet. And the photo you are inserting must be in a generally recognized format - like .jpg. I tried to 'insert' from a file directly on my PC's C drive. It would not work. I tried to insert from a facebook photo album but it would not work either. I think the facebook problem is that when you upload a .jpg file to facebook, it gets changed to a different kind of file format that will not insert onto the CMC website posting software. So, I found that if I put the photo on Picasa, it does work.

3. Start a new post on the CMC forum. When I get to the point where I want a photo,
a. bring up the photo on the picasa website in a slideshow/display format
b. right click on the mouse (this is a PC thing, I'm not sure how this works on a mac) and choose the "copy image location" option. (make sure you use the "copy IMAGE location". this is another choice called 'copy link location' that does not work right.)
c. switch to the CMC posting you are writing and press the 'insert image' icon (this is the greenish box inside an outline symbol, 2 symbols to the right of the smiley face symbol)
d. the 'insert image' icon displays a little box asking you for the image URL location of the photo to be inserted. The words "http://" will be displayed in the box and highlighted, use a paste option (usually the 'edit','paste' choices from the top line of your browser or CTRL-V as the keyboard shortcut) to paste the full reference to the photo into the image URL box. If done right, the last letters in the paste should be .jpg.
e. then press the 'insert image' button. The photo image should then appear in your posting as you look at it. (I have noticed that if I didn't get the URL reference correct, a little image symbol shows up in my posting but it does not show a photo and it will blow up on me when I try to save the post.)

4. Continue the narrative of your post by typing. When you are ready to insert another photo, repeat step 3.

You can enlarge or shrink the size of the photo as it comes in by clicking on the photo (which will outline it with little box symbols on the corners and in the middle of each top/bottom/side line). Click and drag the lower right-hand box symbol to make the photo the size you want.

I hope this helps and is not too complex for anyone. When I am doing the post, I normally use two different website tabs in my browser - one showing the picasa album so that I can do the "copy", and then the CMC post in a second tab so that I can do the "paste". Or I could use two instances of the browser (run the browser twice), one showing picasa and the other showing the CMC post.

If anyone else finds a different (or simpler) way to get photos into your posts, let me know.
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